The WAG wants to have her own career

Coleen McLoughlin is only months away from becoming Mrs Wayne Rooney, but insists she doesn’t want to be known as just another WAG.

The couple have been dating since Coleen was 16 but she says she’s her own person and not simply the football star’s appendage.

‘It’s nice to be known as Coleen and for people to realise that I’m not just Wayne’s fiancée,’ says Col. ‘I’m independent and have my own career.

‘I was only young when Wayne became famous and I wouldn’t want to be sitting round the house all day. I’d rather be doing things.’

Coleen is now busy presenting her own TV programme, Coleen’s Real Women, but she is also looking forward to getting married in June.

‘I’m really excited. Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and I can’t wait,’ she tells Saturday magazine.

‘Organising it is going to be a big thing. I do have quite a set idea of what I want for the wedding, so I will have a lot of input into the planning and of course Wayne will as well.’

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