WAG and fiancé Wayne Rooney can't marry in France

Coleen McLouglin’s plans to marry Wayne Rooney in the south of France this summer have gone awry.

The couple were hoping to tie the knot on 12 June on the Côte D’Azur.

But they didn’t realise they’d have to live in the area for at least 40 days in order for the marriage to be legal.

‘The amount of red tape in France is absolutely incredible,’ says a source. ‘Wayne and Coleen would have to have lots of meetings with officials and submit all sorts of forms to the mayor before they can get wed in the local town hall.

‘This includes the results of a medical. And they must have the town hall ceremony before any religious service for it to be legal.’

Instead of all that palarver, Col, 21, and Wayne, 22, are now planning to become man and wife in England, then jet out to France for a blessing.

‘I would imagine they will have a quiet, quickie wedding in the UK first before coming to France for the big ceremony,’ the source tells The Sun.

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