She isn't happy with the pair

Coleen Nolan has launched a scathing attack against Stephen Bear and Marnie Simpson in defence of her friend Saira Khan in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The younger housemates have clashed with the Loose Women a few times in the house – including Bear feeling threatened by Saira asking him if he’s ever hit another person and Marnie Simpson flashing her boobs in Saira’s face.

Speaking to new! Magazine, Coleen said: ‘[Bear] is just vile. When Saira asked him if he’d punched anyone and he thought she was trying to make him look bad – it’s because he acts like someone who would somebody!


‘He’s a thug and a bully. I’m scared he could go off on Saira, or anyone for that matter! I think he has the ability to fly off the handle, he’s got that way about him.’

Marnie Simpson and Saira Khan Coleen Nolan

The beginning of #flashgate

And with Marnie flashing Saira Khan in the face in the some of the most awkward scenes of this series, she added: ‘Oh my God I was horrified. The fact they picked on Saira to do that dare on, having seen how upset she was beforehand, was awful.

‘That’s really bullying in my eyes. No one in my family, even the kids, thought it was funny. They all thought Marnie was a total idiot. If a man had got his bits out and paraded them in a woman’s face, he’d have been thrown out of the house.

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‘She should have been massively disciplined and at least put on a formal warning for that.’

This is probably the most divisive Celebrity Big Brother in recent years. Is Coleen Nolan being too easy on Saira Khan or are Marnie Simpson and Stephen Bear really that bad?