Katie Piper has criticised the 'distasteful' use of 'burn' makeup

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween if it didn’t stir some heated debates about what is and isn’t acceptable.

This year, one of the foremost people who’s had words in the ‘Halloween taste’ discussion is Katie Piper, who been vocal in expressing her dislike for people using prosthetic make-up to create scars and burns.

However, not everyone shares the same view – step forward Coleen Nolan, who has gone against Katie’s words, saying that it’s merely ‘kids having fun’…

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Katie survived an acidic burn attack in 2008, which dramatically altered her face and has resulted in her having over 300 surgeries since. Now a campaigner and inspiring figure for many with burns and disfigurements, she took to social media earlier this week to speak out against those trying to recreate the look.

‘It’s distasteful and offensive to make temporary burns, scars and disfigurements on someone’s face for Halloween,’ reads part of a passionate message posted to Twitter.

‘Some of us have visible differences all year round. When did Halloween turn into people imitating accident victims?’

However, when the topic was raised on Friday’s edition (28th October) of Loose Women, Coleen wasn’t afraid to publicly disagree with Katie’s view.

‘She’s a fantastic woman and it’s incredible how she helps other people going through the same trauma. I have to say though that in this instance I don’t agree with her,’ Coleen began.

‘It’s Halloween, kids look forward to it and the more fake blood you put on them, they all want scars. It’s kids having fun. It would be different if they were taking the mick.’

Coleen Nolan, Loose Women, 28th October 2016

Coleen Nolan, Loose Women, 28th October 2016

And Coleen wasn’t alone in her view, with many folks on Twitter agreeing that it’s ‘a bit of fun’…

Both Katie and Coleen’s opinions are very valid – but who do you agree with?

Is Katie right to take offence? Or does Coleen have a point? Let us know your thoughts @CelebsNow