Relationship counselling or even a trial separation could be on the cards

It’s going to be a tough Christmas for Coleen Nolan after the Loose Women star announced she is fighting to save her marriage.

The 51 year old has revealed she will spend the festive period holding crisis talks with husband Ray Fensome after their relationship hit a difficult patch this year.

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And relationship counselling or even a trial separation is possible if they can’t work through their issues.

‘My marriage is in crisis and I won’t lie about it,’ Coleen told the Sunday Mirror.

‘We’re going to do a lot of talking over the next couple of weeks, but if we can’t fix it then I want us to have counselling. The next step is a trial separation.

The Nolans star married guitarist Ray in November 2007 and the couple have a teenage daughter together. Coleen also has two sons from the marriage to Shane Richie.

Her marriage with Ray hit the rocks this year after work demands put a strain on their relationship.

‘Things have changed massively for us this year,’ Coleen said.

‘The kids are older and need us less and Ray’s job has taken him away more. But instead of evolving with those changes, our relationship has just hit a wall and it’s only when you’re thrown together again you realise the connection you once had is gone.

‘We’d spend hours sitting at opposite ends of the couch not talking and we’d go to bed at different times. The house would be empty apart from the two of us and I’d realise we hadn’t spoken to each other for days.’

She also revealed that turning 50 last year had an impact on her self-confidence.

‘I suddenly felt invisible as a woman and was looking for ­reassurance from Ray. Six months ago I said to him, ‘I don’t feel like you fancy me any more’ and I told him he had to answer me honestly.

‘I was totally devastated when he said, ‘The thing is, men are visual’. He meant that when he looks at me, he doesn’t fancy me.

‘It was very tough to hear, but I’d asked him for the truth and sometimes the truth bloody hurts! He went through a period – perhaps still is – where that physical attraction just wasn’t there for him.’

And Coleen also revealed how hearing her sister, Maureen Nolan, discuss her failed marriage made her assess her own relationship.

‘I sat next to Maureen on Loose Women when she was talking about her reasons for the split and it set off alarm bells for me’ she said. ‘She and Richie had been living separate lives and the same is true of Ray and me. We’d lost that connection.’

We really hope Coleen and Ray can work it out. Because, as Cheryl once said…

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