Pregnant Coleen Rooney talks cravings, baby names and being a football mum!

Coleen Rooney has a lifestyle many envy. Not only is she married to the Premier League’s richest footballer Wayne Rooney, she’s also a doting mum to their two adorable sons ­ Kai, five, and two-year-old Klay ­ with a third child due in January.
Fiercely private Coleen, 29, tends to keep her family away from the media glare ­ in fact, we only ever see her in a two-piece when she’s snapped on a faraway tropical beach. Despite only recently returning from Portugal, just one of over 14 holidays in just two years, ­ she still has time for a chat with Now…

Coleen, you look amazing! How’s your pregnancy going?
Yeah, it’s been fine. No sickness or nothing ­ I’ve been lucky! I was a bit tired at the beginning, but yeah it’s going good.
Have you had any pregnancy food cravings?
No, I never got any with the others either. I do feel like I need more sugar, but I don’t know if that’s an energy thing. I don’t eat much chocolate, but I do feel like a little bit of that now and again.
You’ve been hitting the gym ­ what exercise do you do when you’re pregnant?
I do a form of Pilates, which I love. So I plan on carrying on until I feel like I want to stop. Your body’s going to change during pregnancy, but I go to the gym as well to get that little energy boost ­I feel better when I go.
Do you think mums are under too much pressure to regain their pre-baby
bodies once they’ve had their child?
I think it’s what you pay attention to. I pay attention to none of it! In my own time I’ll get back to what I am, but it’s hard after pregnancy. You’ve got so much to do with a newborn baby, so you’ve got to give yourself a rest and concentrate on your baby. I’m quite a strong person so I don’t really listen to: ‘You’ve got to do this,’ or: ‘You’ve got to do that.’ I think you have to do what your body tells you.
Do you feel attractive as a mum?
You have your days where your hair’s a mess and you’ve got no time to get ready in the morning. There are times where I go and get my hair or make-up done for a night out and I feel nice within myself. But on a day-to-day basis, I’m quite a casual person. Your main priority as a mum is your kids.
You’ve got two sons already, ­ are you nervous about juggling three children?
You just learn to cope. Obviously going from no kids to one kid is life-changing, then going from one to two is more time consuming. You’ve got to juggle your time a bit better. Kai’s now in school full-time and Klay goes to nursery a couple of days a week, so I think I’ll be fine.
Are you secretly hoping for a girl?
A girl would be nice because it would just complete the family but I’m not desperate. Kai and Klay are real mummy’s boys and I love that!
Have you got any potential baby names?
I’ve got a few that I had from having Kai and Klay, but I’ve just recently bought some new books so I’m going to have a flick through them and see if there are any new ones. It’s so hard because they go on in life with this name, so you’ve got to get something that’s right. It’s a difficult thing.
Is there a name that really stands out?
There are a couple that I prefer more than others, but I’m not going to tell you!
Do you follow a specific diet when you¹re pregnant to keep your body healthy?
No, I try to stick to my regular diet. For lunch I’ll have something a bit healthy and then for dinner I’ll tend to eat what the family are eating. When I’m pregnant I don’t overindulge but I’d say I do treat myself a bit more!
You’ve been working on the first McDonald’s Football Mum of the Year Awards. With two sons, you must spend a lot of time washing kits and driving to training…
Kai’s just started playing with a local team ­ he loves it. He has his own kit he wears, ­ his team has a kit but he just doesn’t wear that one. He’ll go out into the garden and he’ll come back in and put another one on. There are football socks all over the house! The little one’s only two but yeah, he’s been interested from the beginning, just kicking a ball. They play well together.
Would you like to see them play professionally one day, just like their dad?
Because of what Wayne does, a lot of people say: ‘Are you going to be a footballer like your dad?’ If they want to, I’d support them.  But I know how much pressure there is from a young age with football, like going to training every night. Unless they were committed, obviously I wouldn’t push them.
Do your boys enjoy taking part in any other sports?
Kai does a hip-hop dance group, ­ that’s something he loves.

Coleen’s an ambassador for the McDonald’s Football Mum of the Year Awards.
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