Wayne Rooney's wife could expand her brood

Coleen Rooney has revealed that she’d love a little girl.

The WAG is a mum to sons Kai, 4, and Klay, 1, with footballer hubby Wayne and seems keen on having another child.

‘It’d be nice [to have a daughter],’ says Coleen, 28.

‘I’d love another boy but a girl would complete the family.’

Coleen wouldn’t continue the tradition of giving her kids names beginning with ‘K’ if she had a daughter though.

‘No. I’ve never thought of anything beginning with “K” for a girl,’ the mum-of-two says.

For now Coleen is happy with her boys and loves how they keep her busy.

‘They’re great, they keep me on my feet,’ says Coleen.

Klay is growing up fast [now he’s 1] – I don’t know where the year has gone!’

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