The actor had a difficult journey

Colin Farrell admits he felt a sense of relief after deciding to ditch his wild lifestyle.

The Irish actor changed his ways when he went to rehab in 2005 and hasn’t drunk alcohol since, something that has given him a new appreciation of life.

‘I don’t take it for granted and I don’t undermine how difficult my journey to getting sober was,’ says Colin, 37.

‘But now I’m in a really different life and I don’t miss it.

‘All the madness and chaos, and all the people around me got so tiring after a while that I had to find another way.

‘And although I don’t live a monk-like existence, I have a new appreciation for solitude that would have terrified me years ago.

‘[Now to relax] I do a bit of yoga and I like a nice hike.’

Colin – who has sons James, 10, and Henry, 4, by two different women – only wishes he had gotten sober sooner.

‘I’m glad the madness is over,’ the actor tells The Ticket.

‘It was interesting to experience, but I’m glad it’s passed.

‘I could have done it earlier, for sure, and I would have saved a lot of money and a good deal of heartbreak, but better late than never.’

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