Actor splashes out and buys homeless guy new clothes

Colin Farrell made a tramp’s dream come true when he took him on a wild shopping spree in Toronto.

The actor splashed out £1,000 on dishevelled ‘Stress’ in Europe Bound Travel Outfitters – buying him new clothes, a sleeping bag and underwear.

‘It was like they were best buddies,’ store manager Dave Mott tells the Metro.

‘The homeless guy was going round grabbing stuff. Everything was top line.’

Colin, 31, even went to a cash point to draw out a wad of money for his needy pal before speeding off to new promote his latest movie Cassandra’s Dream at the Toronto Film Festival, leaving Stress with a huge grin on his face.

‘I’m all set up,’ he told onlookers, ‘this is my chance to get off the streets.’

Alison Adey