Despite reportedly splitting from wife Lara Stone, David Walliams suggests they're still together

As David Walliams took to the stage to present Comic Relief tonight, we had our eyes peeled for any hints about what’s happening between him and wife Lara Stone.

The comedian, 43, was reported to have split from model Lara, 31, last week – but his wedding ring was still ON when he started hosting the comedy fundraiser tonight. Interesting…

Despite the intrigue over his marriage, we were temporarily distracted from wondering what’s going on with Mr and Mrs Walliams when David announced his plan to break a Guinness World Record and get 50 kisses in 30 seconds.

Who would he be puckering up with, we thought? Co-host Davina McCall, perhaps? But then they only went and got ORLANDO BLOOM to magically appear and then proceed to plant a full-on snog on David!

The heartthrob actor, 38, totally went for it but David joked afterwards that he only thought it was ‘alright’ and detected a taste of ‘kebabs’. Er, we’d have gladly taken your place there, Dave.

Luckily David’s fellow presenter Davina didn’t miss out on the Orlando action and also received a VERY long smacker from the movie star.

Twitter went a little bit bonkers after David and Orlando‘s steamy snog and it sounds like we weren’t the only ones feeling a wee bit jealous of Mr Walliams in that moment.

‘Orlando Bloom. Jesus. 😍😍😍 I never thought I’d say this but I so want to be @davidwalliams right now 😂😂 #comicrelief,’ one fan wrote.

Another typed: ‘David Walliams is a lucky, lucky guy’ We second that!

We hope the saucy smooch cheered David up after his rumoured marital problems. It’s over a week since David’s wife Lara reportedly moved out of their London home with their son Alfred, who is nearly 2, and their pet dog Bert.

David was said to be keen to get the marriage back on track though and it certainly looks like that’s his intention, with his wedding band proudly on display on national TV.

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Anna Francis