Former Apprentice contestant James Hill is announced winner of CBB while best friend American Austin comes a close second.


It’s been 29 whole days of drama, bromance, tears and everything else in between, but Celebrity Big Brother UK vs. USA is finally over. Finito. Done.

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And the crowned winner of CBB? The former Apprentice contestant James Hill! Confetti and champagne popping ahoy!

Host of CBB, Emma Willis, revealed James Hills had won the Channel 5 reality show, narrowly beating runner-up, American Austin Armacost, who James had become pretty close friends with in the house.

In fact, it was so close that there was only two per cent between the two boys, who have been having quite the bromance in the house.

Ol’ Jamie boy was so shocked by his win that he was stuttering about how surprised he was – bless!

‘I never expected it, ever!’

‘I’ve no idea why the public have picked me, but I’ve tried to put others first and just have a great time in the house.’

Speaking about his CBB BFF, Austin – who previously had famously dated designer Marc Jacobs – he said that usually he’s a loner, ‘but to have someone in the house to lean on was so special.’


‘I got close to some people who hopefully I’ll be friends for the rest of my life with.’

‘I hope we’ll have a great friendship. What a man, he’s got a massive heart.’

And it seems like the trans-atlantic loving is mutual, as Austin also said: ‘I’m so pleased that I’ve made a friend.’

Congrats James!