But Justin Dior Combs doesn't have driving licence


P Diddy bought his son a £220,000 car to celebrate his 16th birthday.

The rapper also forked out for a uniformed chauffeur as Justin Dior Combs doesn’t have a driving licence.

Diddy, real name Sean Combs, presented the Maybach to the teen at his lavish birthday do at New York’s M2 Ultra Lounge.

Diddy also gave Justin a cheque for £6,000, which he donated to the Haiti earthquake appeal.

‘Seeing Justin grow up is a big deal for me,’ Diddy told partygoers. ‘This is him entering manhood.

‘I wanna take this time out to say, Justin, I love you, from the bottom of my heart.’

The party was filmed for MTV show My Super Sweet 16.

Justin is Diddy‘s son with his high school sweetheart, designer Misa Hylton-Brim