The footballer was left red-faced

Peter Crouch was forced to fork out £4,000 for a brand new guitar after losing a bet to wife Abbey Clancy‘s younger brother John.

Stoke City striker Peter, 31, reckoned he could beat the teenager in a swimming race during a recent family holiday in Cyprus – but it seems he should stick to football in the future.

‘I had a right touch with the bet on holiday,’ says John.

Peter said to me he could easily win in a race. He was a bit overconfident because he’s tall and fit.

‘What he didn’t know is I used to swim for my school.’

Peter promised John he’d buy him the most expensive guitar he could find if he triumphed in the race.

But sneaky John – who fronts rock band The Razz and recently supported The View in Liverpool – managed to relieve his brother-in-law out of a little more money than he’d anticipated.

‘I won so I hunted out this rare Gibson guitar in London,’ John tells The Sun.

‘I went down to meet the guy. He was after £4,000 but I haggled it down a bit.

‘I never told Peter though, so I had spare change to spend.’

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