The cage fighter believes something significant will happen today


Alex Reid joined thousands of revellers at Stonehenge this morning to mark the winter solstice and the end of the Mayan calendar.

The cage fighter sent his Twitter followers his blessings as he watched the sun rise at the ‘beautiful’ Wiltshire monument.

‘The Henge is seriously busy this morning,’ Tweeted Alex, 37.

‘Welcolme to a new dawn!’

On 12 December, Alex told his Twitter followers to enjoy themselves as he believed ‘the end of the world was here’ and they were off ‘into another dimension’.

After being informed that the Mayan calendar actually ends today, he revealed that he thinks we may experience ‘the beginning of a new existence‘.

‘I think I might have got it wrong? Thought if was 12 12 12, but been told its 21 12 12. Regardless, enjoy ur last few days! X,’ Tweeted Alex.

‘Nothing ends, it just changes! And so will we!’

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Anna Duff