The star has shocked fans with her tiny frame

Angelina Jolie once cut out all animal products and lived as a vegan until she realised her health was being affected.

But according to staff on a recent photo shoot, the 36-year-old actress is now on an even more extreme diet – surviving on just berries.

‘She requested bowls of the berries, and that is all she ate during the day, even though there was a full buffet lunch on offer,’ says a source.

‘She said she was so busy with the kids that she forgets to eat, and that when she does sit down she prefers all her fruits and vegetables to be organic.

‘She particularly likes exotic berries and was talking about how they were packed with nutrients.’

Angelina stepped out looking super-slim at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last week, prompting concerns that the star – who recently directed her first film In The Land Of Blood And Honey – has lost too much weight.

Angie looks painfully thin. She laughs off suggestions that she is too thin or unhealthy in any way and puts it down to her busy lifestyle,’ the source tells the Mail On Sunday.

‘But she is looking unhealthy. Everyone was talking about how her shoulder bones were protruding.’

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Anna Duff