The actress would like to put on a few pounds

Angelina Jolie has dismissed suggestions that she’s suffering from an eating disorder – and insists that she’d love to weigh a bit more.

Angelina, 36, says she’s just naturally skinny and anorexia rumours are nonsense.

‘People are always saying things like that. I’ve always been really thin. It’s ridiculous,’ says Angelina.

‘I am too thin. I don’t like that I’m that thin. When people tell me how thin I am, they think that’s a compliment in Hollywood. It’s disturbing.

‘If I could snap my fingers tomorrow, and put on 15lb, I’d be so happy. If it went in the right places.’

Angelina – who recently directed her first film In The Land Of Blood And Honey – says she’s actually a big food fan.

And her diet is healthier now than it ever has been.

‘I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret. Seriously, I love red meat,’ Angelina tells Celebs On Sunday.

‘It doesn’t help me put on weight because it’s pure protein so it’s kind of the best way to lose weight.

‘I was a vegan for a long time and it nearly killed me. I found out I wasn’t getting enough nutrition.’

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Anna Duff