Aimee Walton writes an emotional open letter to Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole was heartbroken when she discovered that husband Ashley Cole had had a one-night stand with hairdresser Aimee Walton.

Aimee, 27, regrets bedding the footballer and, in a personal letter to Cheryl, 29, reveals for the first time how she had two positive pregnancy tests after her encounter.

‘Dear Cheryl,

Ashley never explained to me why he cheated but I got the impression that he didn’t like your independence because you’d be away for months.

‘I never had any intention of seeing him again but his friend kept hounding my cousin, offering us free VIP entry to clubs and he even invited us to Chelsea’s Christmas party.

‘They also offered us money to go on holiday, but I refused.

‘After that night I missed my period by a week.

‘I know this is probably hard for you to read, but I took a pregnancy test.

‘I felt sick taking it – not because of the fact that I could be pregnant (I was already a mum by then) but more over the idea that I could be having Ashley’s baby.

‘He’d refused to wear a condom. I’ve never told anyone before but the first test came out positive.

‘I cried and cried. I went to my doctor two and a half weeks later and did another test.

‘It came out positive but was very faint. All I kept thinking about was you.

‘I panicked because I knew I was about to turn your world upside down. I felt so bad.

Ashley called me from his training ground and, like a doughnut, asked me what I was going to do.

‘Someone close to him had passed my number to him after he’d heard I might be pregnant.

‘What shocked me was that he was giggling a lot before he told me that he couldn’t have too much involvement because of you.

‘But he said financially I should be fine. Thankfully, it turned out to be just a scare.

‘A blood test showed the other tests had given me a false positive.

‘I was beyond relieved.’

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