Frustration as Cheryl Cole's comeback is tarnished by ex Ashley Cole

The dust had 
barely settled 
after Cheryl Cole‘s amazing comeback performance when her love rat ex-husband found himself public enemy No 1 again.

Although Cheryl (and her abs) wowed us with her first live performance of new song 
Crazy Stupid Love on the Britain’s Got Talent final, it was Ashley Cole, 33, who made headlines the next day when it was revealed LA police want to quiz him over an alleged ‘battery’ claim by TV presenter Donatella Panayiotou.

Blundering Ashley‘s latest scandal comes just as things were looking up for Cheryl, 30.

She’s thrilled to be back on The X Factor, has a hot new BF in the shape 
of Frenchman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, 32, and she’s never looked better. In fact, after he saw her recently, her pal Simon Cowell revealed: ‘I think she looked and sounded the best I’ve seen her in years. She’s in a much better place than I’ve ever seen her before.’

However, now Ashley‘s alleged bad behaviour has yet again cast a shadow over her life. Doesn’t 
it seem that whenever Cheryl does something positive, her past comes back to haunt her?

A source close to Cheryl says: ‘The timing of the Ashley drama couldn’t have been worse. She doesn’t want to be associated 
with him. That’s what riles her the most – she doesn’t want her name dragged up 
in everything he does.

‘She’s just launched her solo comeback and 
is back on top 
and excited to be mentoring new talent on The X Factor again. But 
now Ashley‘s latest drama is threatening to overshadow it all. It’s humiliating.’

Read the full story about Cheryl Cole in this week’s Now magazine dated 23 June 2014 – download the digital edition now!


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