Model and her husband are celebrating

Nicola McLean has revealed that she’s 6 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child.

The model, who’s married to footballer Tom Williams, 31, admits the baby is very unexpected because she’s been using contraception and suffers on-off with bulimia.

‘I’m so shocked but very pleased,’ says Nicola, 30.

‘To be honest, because of how ill I’ve been with my eating disorder, my periods had stopped and I thought I’d blown any chance of having more kids so I was pretty devastated, because I want a house full.

‘But suddenly my periods started coming back, which meant I was getting better.’

Nicola‘s weight dropped to 6½ stone at her lightest and though she gained a bit of weight, she had a relapse when she came out of the Celebrity Big Brother house in January.

But now the WAG is eating healthily and looking to the future.

‘I’d love a girl but I’d also be happy with a boy because I love going to football, but I would love all the ballet and tutus too!’ says Nicola.

‘I love children, I love being a mum and having a big family.’

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