Singer believed he'd beaten cancer but his health has deteriorated


Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb is believed to be in a coma in a private London hospital, with his loved ones hoping for a miracle recovery.

Older brother Barry, wife Dwina, daughter Melissa, and sons Spencer and Robin-John are at the musician’s bedside.

Robin, 62, who has pneumonia, appeared to have beaten colon cancer, but the disease spread to his liver and doctors now believe a second tumour may be present, reports The Sun.

After fans worldwide first heard the news of his ill health in October 2010, Robin was inundated with goodwill messages.

‘I wish to thank my family, friends and fans and the many thousands of people who do not know me but have enjoyed Bee Gees music and have wished me well,’ Robin wrote on his website.

‘I am very touched by your love, kindness and support.

‘This concern from people all over the world has demonstrated the depth of feeling and love that the Bee Gees have achieved over the years. It is humbling and I take your prayers and good wishes for my health very seriously.

‘I have been very unwell and am now on the road to recovery, and your prayers and wishes are a great tonic to me. I believe because of you I will get well and my deepest love goes out to you all. Robin xxxx.’

Robin, whose twin brother Maurice died in 2003 from a blocked intestine at the age of 53, is also dad to another daughter, 3, with housekeeper Claire Yang.

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