The actor's hot moment doesn't make it into the film

Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams has revealed that he cut a sexy shower scene of Benedict Cumberbatch from the film.

JJ, 46, showed the short clip of half-naked Benedict, 36, on US television this week.

Benedict – who plays baddie Khan in the sci-fi flick – looks angry and closes his eyes as he’s splashed with pouring water.

‘That is a shower of evil,’ says JJ.

After leaving Benedict‘s topless moment out – disappointing his devoted fans – JJ has been criticised for including a short sequence of British actress Alice Eve wearing nothing but her underwear in the final cut.

JJ says he understands why some viewers have labelled the raunchy moment misogynisic.

‘I don’t think I quite edited the scene the right way. To me it was a balance. There was a scene where [Kirk] is not dressed either so I felt like it was a trade off,’ admits JJ on show Conan.

‘I’m not defending it, but there’s a picture of Kirk who is not wearing all his clothes.’

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