Benedict is a private person

Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that there are some drawbacks to being in the spotlight.

The actor appreciates the support his fans have given him since he rose to fame as Sherlock Holmes in hit BBC show Sherlock – but he doesn’t like it when he feels his privacy is being invaded.

‘What really pisses me off is people trying to surreptitiously take a photo on their phone. That f*cks me off,’ says Benedict, 36.

‘It’s invasive, cowardly and pathetic. Why do they need that proof? If you really want a photograph, ask me.’

Benedict – who stars as aristocrat Christopher Tietjens in new 5-part drama Parade’s End – has amassed an army of dedicated fans over the past couple of years.

He’s a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of female attention he receives from his Cumberbitches.

‘There’s some obsessive behaviour, which is a bit worrying – for them, not for me,’ Benedict tells TV Magazine.

‘It’s a strange thing to deal with. I am very wary of people recognising me.’

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