The Sherlock star has fans all over the world

Benedict Cumberbatch is adored by female fans worldwide but the actor is still suprised when his admirers go totally wild at the sight of him.

‘I was mobbed at the airport in Japan, which
was not my usual sort of thing,’ Benedict confides.

‘It’s not what I expect when I arrive at
the airport.

‘It was amazing. Lots of fans turned out when we were recording in Tokyo.

think it was because there were a few people who were interested to
talk to me about everything to do with my life at the moment, and to let
me know that I’m very big on the internet, which I have sort of got
wind of.’

Benedict, 36, who plays an evil character who threatens Starfleet from within in new movie Star Trek Into Darkness, has one group of loyal fans who proudly call themselves Cumberbitches.

‘Yeah, none of that is normal, is it?’ Benedict tells The Sun. ‘It’s fantastic.’

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