At last! Brad Pitt goes to the hairdresser's

Brad Pitt has finally decided to get rid of his ageing long hair and bushy beard.

The actor, 48, began growing his locks out over a year ago and they’ve been getting increasingly dishevelled since – but he’s worried that his unkempt look will affect his movie career.

‘Film bosses are over the goatee and greasy hair,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘Having six kids, house renovation in France and delays over latest film World War Z have also taken their toll. He’s quickly realising if he wants to keep acting he’s going to have to fix up.’

Brad is thought to have considered the chop after his latest film Killing Them Softly performed disappointingly at the box office and he was mocked for his Chanel No 5 advert.

A number of parodies of the commercial – which he was reportedly paid $7 million for – have appeared on YouTube while Twitter users have been joking about it.

‘Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercial makes us all uncomfortable, right?’ Tweets one user.

Another writes: ‘Brad Pitt’s Chanel ad gives me the same feeling as the that uncle that always makes you sit on his lap.’

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Anna Duff