The actor won't suffer the same fate as his character in The Hangover

As Phil Wenneck in The Hangover 2, Bradley Cooper wakes up once again feeling like death after a stag night on the town.

But in real life, the 36-year-old actor knows how to avoid a thumping head after a wild time – he relies on an unlikely vegetable to deal with a bout of heavy of drinking.

‘[My favourite cure is] roasted beetroots, which is actually a pre-emptive hangover move,’ says Bradley.

‘You eat that before you go out and you should be OK.’

Ironically, Bradley discovered the odd remedy while filming scenes for the first of the hit movies  back in 2008.

Co-star Zach Galifianakis – who plays weird Alan Garner – let his co-star in on the secret.

‘I’ve no idea why they work,’ admits Bradley.

Zach told us about it when we were doing the first The Hangover film together.’

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