Tony McCluskie has been jailed for life

Former EastEnders star Gemma McCluskie‘s brother was jailed for life this week for her murder.

Tony McCluskie, 36, who battered his sister, chopped up her body, beheaded her and dumped her remains in the Regent’s Canal in East London, has written to his mother Pauline from his prison cell but she cannot forgive him for the killing.

‘Tony sent messages and drawings to his mum but she’s not having any of it,’ reveals a family friend.

‘Pauline can’t forgive him for taking Gemma away and she has refused to respond.

‘She’s devastated at losing Gemma who meant the world to her and she cries every day.’

Pauline was in hospital at the time of the murder last March and has now moved back onto the flat her son and daughter shared before Gemma‘s death.

‘Lots of people find it hard to understand how she can go
back,’ the insider tells the Daily Mirror, ‘but it’s her home and she says it makes her feel close to Gemma to
be in the flat.’

Gemma played Kerry Skinner in EastEnders in 2001.

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