The model loves her breasts

Cara Delevingne has admitted that she can’t stop feeling herself up.

The model, 20, told her 922,124 Twitter followers yesterday that she’s actually had to be warned to keep her hands away from her chest.

‘Hahaha I keep getting told off for touching my boobs too much. To be fair, they’re mine and I’ll do what I want with them!’ Tweeted Cara.

Cara‘s saucy message got her fans pretty excited, with one cheeky Delevingner saying: ‘touch mine’.

But it isn’t just Cara‘s own paws that have been grabbing parts of her body recently – earlier this month, the quirky star’s pal Rihanna was snapped cupping her bottom.

‘Thank you my boo @rihanna for always making me smile and of course for keeping my bum cheek warm,’ Tweeted Cara on Friday.

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Anna Duff