The model has already got her first single ready

Cara Delevingne is planning to follow in her BFF Rita Ora‘s footsteps by starting a music career.

The model, 20, has been spending time in the studio and is hoping that fans will be able to buy one of her tunes in the near future.

Cara‘s singing voice is a lot better than anyone will expect. She started sessions in LA this month and has already played Rita a few of the songs she’s come up with,’ says a source.

‘She has a first single ready to go that she is considering releasing online soon. Cara is lucky that in her friendship group she has loads of mates in the music industry.’

Rita, 22 – who refers to Cara as ‘wifey’ – has agreed to help Harry Styles‘ ex record her album over the next few months.

The pals are also going to collaborate on a song.

Rita has promised to head into the studio with her so they can record together,’ the insider tells The Sun.

‘They want to create a fun pop track together.’

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