CBB star Casey Batchelor reveals her mum’s brave decision

She’s the Celebrity Big Brother star who’s had her heart broken more times than Jennifer Aniston. But Casey Batchelor‘s love dilemmas are nowhere near as complicated as her family life.

In an exclusive, Casey, 29, reveals for the first time that her mum Kim, 56, left her dad Gary, 58, for another woman.

‘I was eight. My mum fell in love with another woman and began a relationship,’ Casey tells us.

‘It was hard for her because it meant a big decision to end the marriage – but she’s still with her partner today and they’re so happy, which shows they were meant to be.

‘I lived with my mum ’til I was 15, then I went to live with my dad because I wanted him to know how much I loved him too.’

Family is very important to Casey.

‘My mum’s like my best friend. I respect her and admire her and I totally love her partner, too,’ she says. ‘She’s like my second mum.’

Read the full interview with Casey Batchelor in this week’s Now magazine dated 7 April 2014 – download the digital edition now


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