Former BB star Chanelle reveals her out-of-control diet

Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes, is now a size 14 and desperately battling with her weight.

After gaining 3st this year, Chanelle has confessed to Now her diet is out of control.

I can’t help myself. I only have to look at food and the weight goes on,’ Chanelle tells us.

If I walk past TGI Friday’s I need to be restrained so I don’t rush straight in!

‘The worst thing is I’m still wearing my stretchy post-pregnancy eating pants – which isn’t a great look with a belly.’

Chanelle, 25 – who has a three-year-old son Blakely with her ex, footballer Matthew Bates, 26 – is devastated by the weight gain because she successfully shed 3st last year. 

At the start of the year I got down to 9½st through healthy eating and two hours in the gym every day,’ she tells us.

Then at the end of it I treated myself to a pizza and didn’t stop eating.

‘I put on 3st again.’

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