Chanelle shows off her new size 8 figure and reveals how a health scare made her lose over 3st in under four months

Back in December, Chanelle Hayes posed confidently in her bikini and told us that she loved her size 14 curves.

Now, less than four months on, she’s dramatically slimmed down to a teeny size 8.

Here, Chanelle, 26 – who has three-year-old son Blakely – talks to Now about the terrifying health scare that forced her to change her lifestyle and get back in shape and reveals the secrets behind her incredible weight loss.

‘I started changing my lifestyle on 28 December when I was 12st 10lb and now I’m down to 9st 6lb,’ Chanelle tells.

‘My BMI is a healthy 23 and I’ve lost a quarter of my body weight. I feel great!’

So why did Chanelle decide to slim down?

‘I got a lot of negative comments from people online, but I didn’t care as I felt good about myself,’ she says.

‘But then I checked my BMI and found out it was 30.6, which is obese. I was so shocked.

‘When my dad saw pics of me on the beach, he was so upset that he told me I’d brought shame on him.

‘[Pauses] I thought: For God’s sake!’ I’ve done topless modelling, a ridiculous advert that involved antics with a puppet, so much outrageous stuff, yet my dad was the most upset about me looking fat on the beach.

‘I was like: “Get over it, Dad! You look like you’re about to give birth.”‘

Read the full interview with Chanelle Hayes and see our exclusive photoshoot in this week’s Now magazine dated 21 April 2014 – download the digital edition now


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