Chanelle Hayes grew up fantasising about her real mother...

When Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes probed into her past it proved far more shocking than she could ever have imagined.

Adopted as a baby, she had been told her mum had ‘gone to heaven’ – and as she grew up, her curiosity kicked in. At 15, she demanded to know what had happened to her. 

‘It was the news I’d been desperate for,’ Chanelle, 26, tells us. ‘But when I finally discovered the truth about my mother, the world as I knew it changed for ever.

‘Mum hadn’t been the gentle homebody I’d created in my imagination. Nor had she died of cancer or in a car crash as I’d envisaged.

‘Andrea Sinclair gave birth to me while serving a prison sentence for drug dealing. She was a cocaine and heroin user and a prostitute – and she was murdered by one of her clients.

‘My shock gave way to crushing sadness as the fantasy vision of the woman I lost when I was just five months old shattered.’

Baring My Heart by Chanelle Hayes (£14.99, John Blake Publishing) is out on 3 July

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