The reality star has had to get police involved

Chantelle Houghton has claimed that she’s being targeted by mystery men who park outside her home and spy on her.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner contacted the police after spotting the creepy stalkers to see if they can track down who they are.

‘I’ve still got these random men sitting in cars outside my house, watching me. They’re not paparazzi and I don’t recognise them,’ says Chantelle, 29.

‘The police are keeping tabs on the situation and I’m making a note of the registration numbers and passing the information on to them.’

Chantelle tries not to get intimidated when she sees motors pull up near her place and is instead focusing on looking after her and ex-fianc√© Alex Reid‘s nine-month-old daughter Dolly.

She makes sure she reads Dolly a bedtime story every night and celebrated her little girl’s first Easter last weekend by buying her a cute chick teddy.

‘I’m not going to let anyone frighten me or stop me doing what I want to do, so it’s all a bit silly,’ says Chantelle.

‘Luckily, I’ve always got people coming round and my home is so well alarmed that I feel safe.’

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Anna Duff