Reality star Chantelle Houghton was upset to hear they'd been in contact

Pregnant Chantelle Houghton is not impressed with Amy Willerton after she contacted her fiancé Alex Reid on Twitter.

Amy, winner of Katie Price‘s modelling show, sent Alex a congratulatory message and told him she’d like to meet him and Chantelle one day – to which he replied, ‘hope so’

‘What is the big need all of a sudden to be writing to get all friendly with my fiancé?’ asks Chantelle, 28.

‘I don’t know exactly what she is up to, but I’ve got no respect for her at all.’

Chantelle admits she’s feeling far from glamorous and her heavily pregnant state made it even harder for her to hear cage fighter Alex, 36, had written to the gorgeous 19-year-old.

But Chantelle believes in karma and that Amy will be hurt one day, too.

‘Do you know what? What goes around comes around,’ says Chantelle.

‘She will have her day and she will know how it feels.’

Amy insists the message to Alex was innocent and that she has no idea who leaked the story to the press.


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