The teen singer wants the bullies to go away


Cher Lloyd appears to have grown tired of being in the spotlight.

The feisty 18-year-old has suffered online bullying since she finished 4th on The X Factor 2010 – and she’s had enough.

‘We’re known as public property, just because we’re singers and this is what we’ve dreamed of doing forever,’ says Cher, who’s just been signed up by model agency Select.

‘But it doesn’t mean you can knock us to the ground and treat us like sh*t. We’re real people.

‘We’re no different to you or other people, except we’re doing what we love.

‘And believe me, it’s hard work.’

Cher admits she was a ‘bitch’ during her time on the talent show but insists she’s calmed down now.

‘I was just so angry and frustrated that people had taken my life off of me, even though I had gone on the show.

‘They don’t understand what a person like me goes through.’

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