The singer was 'completely committed' to her former husband

Cheryl Cole has admitted that she found it difficult to move on from ex-husband Ashley Cole after they divorced in 2010.

The singer still felt an attachment to the footballer when she got together with backing dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway.

‘The weirdest thing is, it takes a long time after you’ve been with someone as long as I was with Ashley not to feel like you’re cheating on them,’ says Cheryl, 29.

‘That may sound crazy but it’s the way I felt after him. I had completely committed myself.’

Cheryl says she no longer ‘gives a sh*t’ about the drama surrounding her split from Ashley, 31, and describes herself as being ‘strong, happy and settled’.

She’s glad she’s found love with someone who isn’t as well-known as her ex.

‘Dating someone who’s not in the industry can be difficult but dating someone in the limelight has its own problems. Everything is intensified,’ Cheryl tells Glamour.

‘If I fell in love with a binman I’d be happy but if I fell in love some really famous man I feel like that would belong to the media.’

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