The singer talked about having children with her ex 'all the time'

Cheryl Cole has admitted that she hoped to have children with ex-husband Ashley Cole before they divorced in 2010.

The singer says the realisation that they’d never become parents together was what hit her most when their 4-year marriage fell apart.

‘It’s the broken plans you have made that are the hardest to get over,’ says Cheryl, 29.

Ashley and I would talk all the time about starting a family – well I would anyway.’

Cheryl – who’s loved-up with backing dancer Tre Holloway – was ‘heartbroken’ when she and Ashley first split but is now ‘strong, happy and settled’ and would consider getting married again.

The Girls Aloud star isn’t bitter and has managed to maintain a relationship with the footballer.

‘There’s this perception that Ashley is an arrogant pr*ck, but he’s really not,’ Cheryl tells Glamour.

‘We talk occasionally and I would say we are friends.’


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