The singer tells her Twitter fans she's worried she may have developed the disorder


Cheryl Cole has admitted that she’s been swearing rather a lot recently.

The Girls Aloud singer, 29, joked on Twitter this week that she curses so often that she’s worried she may have Tourette Syndrome.

‘Question! Can you develop turrets at age 29?? have had a few involuntary outbursts lately !!!’ Tweeted Cheryl.

Tourette Syndrome is a brain disorder which causes sufferers to blurt out random sounds and perform involuntary movements known as tics.

One of Cheryl‘s fans suggested that her language is more likely to have worsened because she returned to her home city of Newcastle on the first leg of Girls Aloud‘s reunion tour last week.

‘@CherylCole its being back home with us crazy geordies xo,’ Tweeted the fan.

Cheryl replied‘Maybe that’s it!!’

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Anna Duff