The singer's had Kiera since she was a teeenager


Cheryl Cole is devastated that her oldest pet pooch Kiera has fallen seriously unwell.

An upset Cheryl, 30, told her Instagram followers yesterday that the Jack Russell – who’s 98 in human years – is going to the vet today for treatment.

‘This is my dog Kiera. I have had her since she was 2 months and I was 16,’ wrote Cheryl alongside a snap of her mutt.

‘Tomorrow she has radiotherapy and will be in doggy hospital for 2-3 weeks :(.’

Cheryl loves dogs and has three other hounds, including a Chihuahua called Buster who she reckons is gay.

She’s asked her fans to think good thoughts about Kiera‘s hospitalisation and is clinging to the hope that she’ll get better.

‘will u help me send her happy vibes and pray for her with me please ?’ wrote Cheryl.

‘She’s my oldest baby and its breaking my heart.’

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