The singer wells up when the supermarket's clip comes on TV


Cheryl Cole can’t help getting emotional every time she sees Sainsbury’s new advert Christmas In A Day.

The promo shows short clips of ordinary people celebrating 25 December and ends with three children being surprised by their dad coming home from the Army.

‘Anyone else feel choked up watching the sainsburys #Christmasinaday advert ?’ Tweeted Cheryl yesterday.

Cheryl, 30, loves the festive season and excitedly Tweeted in September: ‘Ive been waiting for Christmas since February lolololol my favourite time :).’

It seems her fans find Sainsbury’s clip just as moving as she does.

‘isnt it SO cute!’ Tweets one.

Another writes: ‘please I cried.’

Watch Sainsbury‘s advert Christmas In A Day

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