We wonder who Cheryl has been tempted to phone


Cheryl Cole admits she can’t control herself after a few tipples and shouldn’t be allowed to ‘drive’ a mobile phone.

Before hitting the town to celebrate a friend’s birthday in London on Friday, the 28-year-old singer told her Twitter followers she was worried she might make a call she’d regret.

‘Thinking I should leave my bag w my soba friend.. I have been known to drink and dial.. 😮 *bbm can’t watch face* #nodrunkychezzapls,’ Tweeted Cheryl, who was out with brother Garry Tweedy and mum Joan Callaghan until 2am.

Her ‘barmy army’ of fans then spent the night on Twitter teasing Chezza about her boozy confession.

‘Ooohhh.. Really!! Didn’t realize I had so many comedians in the making on here LMsoreHO !! #iwasntthatdrunk .. *bbm crying face*,’ Cheryl Tweeted the next morning.

‘You lot are nuts PMSL .. #barmyarmy #soldierbanter.’

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Anna Duff