The singer likes seeing others get hyped up about their work


Cheryl Cole enjoys nothing better than seeing people do the things they love.

The singer, 30 – who returned to the studio this week – feels fired up when those around her get excited about the projects they’re working on.

‘Passionate people inspire me.. Any form of anything they feel a true passion for gets me going .. #lifelivewithpassion,’ Tweeted Cheryl yesterday.

Cheryl – who released her last album A Million Lights in 2012 – is clearly very excited to be recording new music.

She’d earlier said: ‘It amazes me how a sound wave whether a song or just a beat can literally make your hair stand on end&create goosebumps 😦#notouchjustsound.’

The stunning brunette has already got plenty of ideas for her latest project.

‘Can not sleep for the love of trying. I am toooo hyped about music… Excited !! #musicbrain #wirednottired words all in my head,’ Tweeted Cheryl earlier this week.

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