The girls have been turned into Lion King characters

Kimberley Walsh finds some of the things her fans send her on Twitter very funny.

The heavily-pregnant singer, 32, shared a hilarious picture someone had created of her and her ex-Girls Aloud bandmates Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts yesterday.

In the image, the girls’ heads have been pasted onto a famous scene from Disney’s The Lion King.

Cheryl, 31, becomes baboon Rafiki and holds baby lion Simba – who represents Kimberley’s unborn baby – up in the air.

Pretty Kimberley is Simba’s mum Queen Sarabi while Nicola, 28, is his dad King Mufasa.

Kimberley’s boyfriend Justin Scott oddly becomes baddie Scar, who stands away from the happy scene with a funny look on his face.

‘LOOK LOOK LOOK… This time in a month,’ the shot was captioned.

Kimberley clearly loved the creative Tweet as she re-posted it with an emoji of a person crying with laughter – and so did plenty of her devotees.

‘Lmao so true! The two very proud aunties,’ wrote one.

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