Chloe Madeley isn't bothered by random women contacting new boyfriend Danny Young

Chloe Madeley has been dating actor and personal trainer Danny Young for four months and she’s in amazing shape.

‘I’ve gone from a 10 to an 8,’ Chloe, 25, tells us during our exclusive photoshoot.

‘I used to hide the bits I didn’t like such as my arms and stomach. Now I’m in strappy tops which I’d never have worn before.

‘I’ve never been confident 
in a bikini, a tight top or 
a body-con dress.

‘Now people tell me: “Wow I 
love your stomach!” and that’s so strange because 
it’s my problem area.’

Danny has been helping Chloe in 
the gym, where she works out five days a week to sculpt her body.

But she doesn’t feel under pressure to stay fit to keep him interested.

‘The odd woman sends him filthy pics, but I love it,’ admits Chloe.

‘We were eating porridge and he was like: “Babe, look at this!” and shoved this picture in my face.

‘She’d written: “I know you’re taken but I’m not single either. Here’s a photo of my vagina.”

‘I’d never do it, but if you want to have sex with someone and send him a vagina, good on you!’

Read the full interview with Chloe Madeley in Now magazine dated 15 April 2013 – out now!

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