Chloe has a brand new shape

TOWIE star Chloe Sims is thrilled with her new bum.

She wanted to get rid of her flat buttocks so opted for a Brazilian Butt Lift at Dr Aamer Khan’s clinic in London.

‘I didn’t have a local or general anaesthetic – just Valium to make me drowsy, so I was aware of what they were doing and I could feel it,’ Chloe, 30, tells us in our exclusive interview.

‘They removed fat from my stomach and thighs with a syringe. It felt like a rod going under my skin and was very painful.

‘Then they emptied the fat into a hospital drip bag to separate and drain it before injecting it back into me.

‘I was drifting in and out of sleep but when I was awake I could see everything.

‘The stuff they were filling the bag with was pink and I remember drowsily thinking: “Oh, I’ve got pink fat!”

‘It was a bit gruesome.

‘Dr Khan injected my fat back into me to sculpt my bottom and make it a bigger, better shape.

‘Then he bandaged up the areas where the incisions were and gave me antibiotics to avoid an infection.

‘My bum doesn’t feel heavier or wobblier like I thought it would. But it does look lifted and now goes into a noticeable bum shape, which I’m really happy with.’


Read the full story about Chloe Sims’ surgery in Now magazine dated 16 April 2012 – out now!


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