The couple's sons dote on Coleen

Coleen Rooney knows sons Kai and Klay adore their mummy.

Coleen‘s husband Wayne is a doting dad but while he’s busy earning lots of dosh with Manchester United, she’s the one in charge at home.

‘They’re both mummy’s boys! Wayne makes a joke of it because sometimes he gets let off doing a job because they want me to do it,’ says Coleen, 27.

‘But they do love spending time with him – he does a lot of the active stuff with them.’

To make up for the fact that he trains so often, Wayne, 28, likes to give Coleen a break on his days off by taking the children for fun adventures.

Coleen thinks it’s great that Kai, 4, and Klay, eight months, get to let their boyish sides out with Wayne.

‘Having two boys, I think you need to be [hands-on]! Kai is into rough and tumble and boy stuff, and Wayne is really good at that,’ says Coleen.

‘He helps out wherever he can.’

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