Jamelah believes Pete is a broken man

Jamelah Asmar has been friends with Peter Andre and Katie Price for years and grew romantically close to Pete after the couple’s split.

Jamelah, 34, would love to date Pete, 39, but believes he’s ‘a broken man’ after his messy divorce.

‘Moving on in any way is almost impossible without having to face a backlash from Kate,’ Jamelah tells us in our exlusive interview.

‘He’s still got demons in his head, he’s never going to get over it.

‘Pete’s an utterly broken man.

Jamelah would like to be the women to bring joy back into Pete‘s life, but worries that he’ll never find love again.

‘Hopefully Peter will eventually be happy in a relationship – with me, or with someone else – but I don’t think any girl will ever be able to fully repair him,’ she says.

‘One minute he does want to marry again and have kids and the next it’s: “No way.”‘

Jordan’s spokesman told Now:

Katie only cares about her children. Peter’s more than welcome to see Jamelah if he wants to – the only person talking about Pete and Kate is Pete and his hangers-on.’

Read more about Peter Andre in Now magazine dated 26 March 2012 – out now!


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