Katie Price says kids should be kids


Katie Price felt very uncomfortable watching Channel 5’s Blinging Up Baby.

‘There’s no doubt we all love our children. For every mum, their daughter’s their princess,’ says Now’s columnist, 36, who has just given birth to her second daughter.

‘And yes, I love all things pink and some bling – all girls should enjoy sparkles and fairytales.

‘But I cringed watching Channel 5’s Blinging Up Baby.

‘I felt the parents were trying to live their own dreams through their children. Spray tanning and manicures and pedicures for four-year-olds is disgusting!

‘Don’t get me wrong, what young girl – including my daughter Princess – wouldn’t love to be like a real life princess? But there’s a limit.

‘All girls look up to Mummy and I see no harm in them trying to walk in Mummy’s shoes and trying on make-up. It’s fun and part of growing up. They watch mums do their daily routines and want to copy them. I did when I was little.

‘Princess would love to do beauty pageants and is obsessed with hair and make-up, but I’m not a pushy mum and want her to feel naturally pretty. She’s seven and I’d never let her have a spray tan.

‘Yes, she puts her feet in the water when I have a home pedicure and likes putting on child-appropriate nail varnish in the holidays. But letting your child use fake tan or wear a face full of make-up is wrong on all levels.

‘Kids shouldn’t be encouraged to grow up too fast. And allowing your toddler to dance seductively in Hooters T-shirt and hotpants on Blinging Up Baby said it all.’

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