Rihanna is in amazing shape despite her one indulgence


Food-lover Rihanna refuses to go on a calorie-counting diet, but cuts the carbs when she needs to get in shape.

Carbs are the enemy,’ says the 23-year-old diva.

When I eat healthily I lose weight without even thinking about it.’

According to her New York-based trainer Ary Nunez, she eats fish and protein to build muscle and snacks on olives and fruit.

Her comfort food is chocolate ice cream,’ says Ary.

I believe deprivation leads to disaster so I don’t stop her.’

Rihanna’s Bikini Body Eating Plan

Breakfast: Egg white omelette, fresh pineapple and hot water with lemon.

Lunch: Fish with potatoes and vegetables.

Dinner: Spicy chicken or fish with steamed vegetables.

Treat: Chocolate ice cream.

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Now cover 22 August 2011

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