The Girls Aloud star would see-saw between laughter and tears

Tom Crane‘s pals have laid into Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding, saying the DJ is better off without her.

The £750,000 wedding Tom, 31, and Sarah, 29, had been planning is off – at least for the moment.

Sarah had terrible mood swings – she’d be laughing and joking one minute and crying the next,’ reveals one of Tom‘s mates.

‘She’d scream at him and throw shoes at his head.

He’d often disappear and not answer his phone, making her paranoid.

‘She would worry that he was cheating and would check his phone and call friends looking for him.

‘He thinks she’s erratic.’

Sarah & Tom: Pop’s Rocky Love Story

In June 2007, Sarah starts dating Tom shortly after split from showbiz writer Joe Mott.

In June 2008, they break up after row, but reconcile a week later.

In December 2010, Tom pops the question in the Maldives.

‘I knew we’d get married one day,’ says Sarah in January 2011, but in the spring the wedding date gets pushed back.

By July 2011, the pair are loved-up on holiday, but then Sarah returns to UK for filming.

After tears backstage at a TV show, Sarah‘s accused of a meltdown’ in August 2011.

By Sep 2011  Sarah flies to Ibiza to save things, but they split up. Tom Tweets that they’ve decided to take a break‘.

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